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Expect Jesus

Merry Christmas! Tonight is Christmas Eve! Tonight we look at Titus 2:11-14 and Isaiah 9:2-7. What does it mean to be redeemed and purified? Jesus brought grace into the world through His birth and it is in that appearing that there is a demand for a response. What is your response to grace so amazing, so fulfilling, so encapsulating that it has to be addressed? Tonight we remember Jesus and his great call to grace that He gives us. Remember His grace! Remember Jesus.




Leading families into God's family by engaging them to become more and more like Jesus Christ.
We are a community of people that desires to bring families closer together. God's family is meant to be a community of faith that loves God and each other. They support each other and help others in the family. Simply, we live life together and love one another. That is what a family is supposed to be. We are a part of the Church of the Nazarene. Learn more about our theological beliefs here.

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